Croc Shop began in 1987 as Crocodile Shop, conceived in a flat above a record shop in West Berlin by Mick Hale and RA Werner. They released their debut album in 1988, produced by Dave Fielding of the Chameleons UK, which featured a dark guitar based sound that only hinted at what was to come. Over the next few years, the band transitioned from their early goth-rock sound to electronic industrial, after the ongoing replacement of people with machines, and the addition of vMarkus on synthesisers. In 1993 they signed to Tinman Records and released their first commercial CD, Celebrate the Enemy.

In 1995 Crocodile Shop signed with Metropolis Records, and released a number of albums, EPs, and remixes in the following years to much critical and popular success.

In 1997, RA Werner left the band, leaving MickHale and vMarkus to ponder the future of their sound. They recruited a number of musicians to fill out their stage presence, with Len9, who had supported their shows with live electronic percussion, joining as a full time member and collaborator in 1999. It was during this transition period that the band shortened their name from Crocodile Shop to Croc Shop.

Len9 left the band in 2003, and Croc Shop found itself back to being a duo. After 15 releases, Mick Hale and vMarkus decided that it was time, and enough material had been recorded and released, to warrant a compilation, or 'best off...'.
2004 saw the release of Croc Shop's SEA (self extracting archive), featuring a double-length LP chronology of the band's musical output. Pursuing other musical intersets, the duo took a longer-than-expected break from recording together.

During their long career, the band has remixed songs for a wide variety of artists, including SisterHood member James Ray, Belgium's SA 42, Collide, Battery, Dubok, and Flesh Field, to name a few.

Croc Shop has toured heavily in support of their albums, across North America and Europe, and have garnered loyal fans the world over. They have appeared on stage with such bands such as Front 242, Project Pitchfork, Nitzer Ebb, The Damned, Numb, Switchblade Symphony, Xymox and Rammstein. The band has been described live as an "audio-visual-assualt" with their multimedia video projections, energetic stage presence, and lighting.

Croc Shop's sound and philosophy have always promoted progressive causes. With the 'election' of Donald Trump, the band's political fire was rekindled and they returned to the studio to work on new material that continues their electronic assault on bigotry, hate, racism, discrimination, xenophobia, and other evils of society.

The resulting 9-song album "Resist!" is out now and making its way to all digital platforms.

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The time to be silent has long passed!

Release Date: MAY 2020!


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  • HEAD

    12" | 1987 | Susstones Records


    12" | 1988 | Susstones Records

  • Measure By Measure

    7" | 1989 | Susstones Records

  • Technological Optimism

    12" | 1991 | DAMn!

  • Celebrate the Enemy

    LP | 1993 | Tinman Records

  • Crush Your Enemies

    Remix EP | 1995 | Tinman Records

  • Beneath

    LP | 1996 | Metropolis Records

  • Pain

    LP | 1997 | Metropolis Records

  • Metalwerks

    Remix EP | 1997 | Out Of Line/Semaphore

  • Soviet

    Remix EP | 1998 | Tinman Records

  • Everything is Dead and Gone

    LP | 1999 | Metropolis Records

  • Order + Joy

    LP | 2000 | Metropolis Records

  • Wrong

    Remix EP | 2000 | DAMn!

  • World

    LP | 2002 | Metropolis Records

  • Translated

    Remix EP | 2002 | DAMn!

  • CROC_SHOP.SEA (Self Extracting Archive)

    Double CD | 2004 | DAMn!