Mick Hale - Vocals, Programming, Sampling, Guitars, Production.
vMarkus - Keyboards, Programming, Sampling, Pre-Production.
Croc Shop  have been making noise in alternative and industrial circles since their formation in Berlin in 1988.  Mick Hale & the original bass player raWerner were on a European tour in 1987 with their previous "Pop Art" band and becoming more inspired by 'darker' bands such as Joy Division, Wire, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Jesus & Mary Chain & New Order, they decided there that it was time to take a new approach. . . "Crocodile Shop" was born when a postcard was sent from Berlin to the States to a drummer Mick had worked with on some demos prior to this European tour.  Many different stories have been told about where the name comes from... in truth "Crocodile Shop" was just something that they wrote on the demo cassette to remember what was on the tape!  The thought most likely started as their wanting to call a band "The Reptiles" for some time.

An EP, Head, was rushed out by the Minneapolis based Susstones Records ('87) while Mick was on tour opening for Wire's Ideal Copy tour.  More a reflection of the previous band's style Head is to Croc Shop what With Sympathy is to Ministry (coincidentally C/S later covered "Say Your Sorry" on the German Compilation Under Cover.) The more fully realized debut C/S album, Lullaby, was a dark guitar based work produced by Chameleons UK's Dave Fielding. In 1990 C/S made the transition from goth-rock to industrial after an ongoing replacement of people with machines, and released the two more electronic-based vinyl EPs: Measure By Measure & Technological Optimism. It was at this time keyboardist vMarkus 'officially' joined C/S, after sitting in on keys for a show at NY's Limelight. 

Things began happening quickly for the band in 1993, starting with the release of their CD-debut, Celebrate the Enemy. After contract negotiations with Berlin's Machinery Records fell through, the cd was finally released in 1994 on the newly formed Tinman Records.  Produced by WaxTrax mainstay Chris Randall (SMG), the album was described by Alternative Press as a " hard and harsh blend of high energy rock with the melodic aspects of electro and the high angst of industrialism." A remix EP, Crush Your Enemies, was released a few months later, again with high praise being lavished upon it for the diversity of the mixes. Croc Shop was incorporating trance, techno, break- beats & clean ebm as far back as 1994.

In 1995, Croc Shop signed with Metropolis Records and released Beneath the following year. CMJ raved: "The trio displays hints of punk, techno, pop and r&b on it's latest creation,... living proof that the DIY sprit is very much alive & well in the electronic music world." Their subsequent Metropolis release, Pain, took the basic sound of their earlier work and expanded upon it, adding more ominous melodic hooks, intelligent industrial sequences and scads of fractured drum'N'bass textures.

The remix CDs, Metalwerks, & Soviet followed the 1st 2 albums on Metropolis. A LTD Edition Live cd: Live Action, recorded in Germany, was issued with the 1st 777 copies of Painin Europe via SubMission/ SPV. The band has also appeared on a number of high profile compilations, including both of Cleopatra's "Tributes to" the Cure and Skinny Puppy, 2 of Croc Shop's early influences. Three critically acclaimed cds of side projects have also been released by MickHale: Two albums of his dub-electro project Division#9 & one album of the collaborative band proGREX.iv, with fellow C/S'er vMarkus. The band has also done several remixes for a wide variety of other artists, including SisterHood member James Ray, Belgium's SA42, Californians Battery & Collide, Ohio's Dubok & Flesh Field, NJ's Android Lust and many, many more.

C/S released Everything is Dead and Gone in the early weeks of 1999. The band toured USA in the summer 1999 in support of the album. Alternative Press again took notice & this time covered the band with a feature in the Low Profile section. Order+Joy was then released in April 2000 and proved to be the bands highest chart-topper [reaching #9 on CMJ's RPM Chart] with SIDELINE [Belgium's biggest Alternative Electro Magazine] saying: "Their Best Album ever...C/S make a return to their industrial / EBM source..." SIDELINE promptly included an interview in the same issue.

Wrongfeatured remixes from the Order+Joy full-length & was released thru crocshop.com/DAMn! in a limited edition late in Y2k. Giveaways were held throughout the US & Canada in 2001 @ clubs as well as on many websites & radio shows, bringing the C/S sound to an even wider audience.  C/S traveled to Pittsburgh & Texas for shows in 2001 & late in the year began work on the long awaited follow-up to Order+Joy. The World full-length (released again on Metropolis in November 2002) showcases the band's latest stylistic shift, while retaining many of the core elements present in their 15 years of history.  The band embarked on a 6 city tour in support of this critically acclaimed release (CMJ & Outburn included rave reviews in their pages).  Never content to just rest on their works, the remixes for World  followed in April 2003:  Entitled Translated, it was again issued thru crocshop.com & DAMn! in a LTD Edition.

Since their beginning, Croc Shop have toured heavily and have been seen by thousands of appreciative fans in Europe, Canada and America. They have appeared with such bands as Front 242, Project Pitchfork, Nitzer Ebb, The Damned, Numb, Switchblade Symphony, Xymox and Rammstein.

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