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> 2013 !!! (Already?) : 
CS (working as Mick Hale and v.Markus once again,) have begun to collaborate on new CS material for 2013... Stay tuned for some new Electro-Dance material from this "dynamic duo"...

All new "MySpace" pages (with free MP3 downloads!) for all C/S side-projects you may have missed:
Division #9
Sub Grav
Hand Of God

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"All's quiet on the Western front?" -- rest assured there is progress going on around the CROC camp behind the scenes, just many "personal issues" are finally being resolved and things are moving in an upward direction... WHAT a cold, crappy time the last 6 months have been (can't WAIT to see what the new batch ov lyrics will express!) If you've been a CS fan for a while, then brace yourselves for another "beneath" styled all-out assault on the "evils" ov others... (Perhaps?),,, In "release/nu CS music" news: There is one CS track on the new "State Of Synthpop 2005" (A Massive 5 disc comp on A Different Drum) out soon (pre-order by clicking the cd cover there to the right)... Oh yeh the "SEA Best Of" is doing well on CD BABY (and esp. on iTunes!)- go to cdbaby for a special Sale price on the "hard copy"... before they are all gone...

Special LIVE Show in NYC: Croc Shop's re-worked "best of" set featuring the "classic" lineup ov MickHale, vMarkus & back on live-bass raWerner...  also the 1st 25 thru the door for Croc Shop get the "best of" dcd "C_S.SEA" free... All kinds ov Merchandise will be available from Tinman at the show.  We urge you all not to miss this night! Doors are at 9pm and openers Halovox are well worth checking out at 9:30 with their synth electro sounds.  It will also be Croc Shop's last East Coast show in 2004!  C/S hits the stage at 10:30pm sharp! 18+up ...


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> CROC SHOP - Reunion!!! 
We never thought this would happen, but 5 ov the 9 total "offical members" ov C/S thru the years made it to the new Ocean Grove DAMn!studios to "Celebrate" the release ov "Self Extracting Archive" -- A grand time was had by all. L-RChris Collins (engineer ov 4 tracks on the collection as well as live drums and keys for a 2 month period); raWerner (bass from 1987-1997); Mick Hale (founding and current C/S 'frontman'), John Figler (original drummer from 1987-1989); vMarkus (current keyboards since 1990). 
Click the Image (& then Scroll Down) for more pix from this historic occasion...
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> Croc Shop "SEA" and "TRANSLATED" now availble at at
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futronik v4Dig It ! > It was deja-vu here at cs.com - with Croc Shop ending 2003 on a slew ov compilations.  So, here it is again,... new Croc Shop track(s) are now available on the comps "Interbreeding v2" - released in December 2003 on BLC Productions, and "Futronik Structures v.4" on DSBP, also released in December.  Cleopatra Records(via Big Eye/Tributized) has repackaged the Skinny Puppy Tribute into "Dig It" which features Croc Shop covering "The Choke" -- available now & on sale at Tower.com.  And, the hEADaCHE  comp of his re:mixes will feature "Generation" (From "Translated") on it & set for an early 2004 release. Wheeew!  European C/S Orders
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"Croc Shop" at MNS !
interbreeding v2Translated > ONLY 23 copies ov the remix album "Translated" are left here at cs.com.  The cd features the remixing talent ov Assemblage 23, Cruxshadows, Hellraver, dubok, Out Out, Terrorfakt, Division#9, hEADaCHE, Flesh Field and more.  For the full Tracklisiting: click on the cd cover above & get the limited time offer from Metropolis Mailorder -- Buy the album "World" & get the Remix cd (a $10 value) FREE! or Get Just "Translated" ON SALE NOW for only $7.99 @ CDBABY! click here for a free cd !!!
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>C/S Stereo System (Top 9 Lists) Updated Feb '2004!

>C/S "Album Notes" Updated for January '2004!

> Latest Interview at the great  Blacksheep E-zine...

> C/S remix ov Terrorfakt's track "alf" is available now for D/L at Terrorfakt.com or from Tinman Online.

> C/S remix ov diverge's "Amphibian"  now available on DSBP

> Deviant "Fan" Art emailed in is now Colour!


Croc Shop "Best Of" ! - We are STILL running the special sale (SEE ABOVE) to celebrate over 22,000 "Hits" !!! on crocshop.com -- click the CD baby link above!!! This will be only for a little longer - so act quick!

Click Here & hear it all on CD Baby -- 35 2:00 MP3 Samples ON SALE NOW! 
35 tracks on 2 cds from Croc Shop's recordings during the period 1987-2004... This double disc set features over 2 & 1/2 Hours ov C/S music for just $13.99.  Distribution is going thru Metropolis Records, CD Baby, and Tower.com.  Can't wait? Digital Distribution is NOW Available on iTunes & coming soon to SONY.  The 1st 399 copies ov this massive collection come specially packaged along with a 12-page limited edition booklet featuring a track- by - track overview from the band members, plus a live - gig history & rare photos specially packaged in a custom fine cardboard sleeve.  The regular edition (as well as the 1st limited 399)  has a photo enhanced timeline & complete discography including all the cds track listings with select reviews per release. 

Click Here to Order direct from Metropolis Online! 

re: CS.SEA from BLC website "Related News" 
Croc Shop must today be given homage as one of the pioneers, veterans, and perhaps best-known names in the elektro-industrial music world, counting from at least 1987 to present  with seven full-lengths and at least that many remix discs and countless compilation appearances (including the BLC Productions compilation, Interbreeding II: Industrial Mutation). These discs truly present a powerful portrait . . . ensuring that by the time you are done, you will not only know Croc Shop - you will understand why they are both the foundation and the future of elektro. This Croc Shop release is described as a "best of" Croc Shop, but truth is, it's the best of everything.

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